Friday, January 14, 2011

Some New Kits Available and Sale!

The number of available kits in the Etsy shop was getting sort of low, so I've dyed some additional kits.  Now available in wider elastics (5/8" lower finishing elastic, and 3/4" strap elastics and rings and/or sliders) is Charcoal Grey, Lilac and Coral Pink.  In the regular elastics (1/2" elastics for lower finishing and straps) is Twilight Blue and Pale Golden Wheat. 

The Charcoal Grey and Lilac work really well together and would make nice mix and match pieces or combine the two sets for a matching top and bottom. 

The Pale Golden Wheat coordinates nicely with many of the currently available colors (shown below from left to right are Mochachino, Deep Terracotta Rose, Coral Pink and Twilight Blue):

I've even made up a singular mix and match kit, Deep Terracotta Rose and Nude.  Some of the components are commerically dyed (as you can see they don't quite match; now you know why I dye kits!), but there is enough to mix and match for a unique garment, plus there is a bonus piece of wide lace to play with:

From now until midnight on Jan. 31, 2011, all kits in the shop are $5.00 off!  That means, most kits are now $10.00.  For some of you, that means free shipping!  It doesn't matter how many kits you buy, each one is $5.00 off.  The prices have already been changed in Etsy to reflect the sale.  If you custom order a kit in any color that I dye, you will get $5.00 off of those kits, too!  Enjoy!

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