Friday, March 11, 2011

Just a Couple of Spring Kits 

Here are a few new spring kits that I've listed in the shop on Etsy!  I will be making some more in the month or so in spring and summer colors.

These four are two-tone kits and not by intention.  I used a different source for the stretch satin and it isn't the same as what I get from my other supplier!  It doesn't dye well at all!  The reason is that there is too much poly in it and not enough nylon.  Polyester takes a completely different dye and process than does nylon, which is yet again different from dyeing cottons or plant fibers.

Yes, that yellow is really, really bright.  It is called Daffodil Yellow for a reason!  The Pale Lilac is a bit too streaky and the price on that has been reduced a bit, too.