Monday, November 15, 2010

New Fall/Winter Colors

I noticed my stock of kits was way down and decided to get some new colors at the same time.  You can see all the new colors in the photo below.  There is a Twilight Blue, a deep blue that has a bit of teal to it rather than grey like Wedgewood Blue;  there is a Chocolate Brown (more on that below), a Charcoal Grey, Sangria, a really pretty deep wine color, and a Royal Blue, which is less bright than the photo and less bright than the 80's Electric Blue color.

All of these colors would work nicely with white or beige for a two toned effect, as well as with the Pale Pink kit, currently on Etsy.  Here is the Chocolate Brown and Charcoal Grey with the Pale Pink lace:

All of these colors dyed up nicely for the most part.  The Chocolate Brown was a bit streaky and parts of the components dyed up a denim blue color.   I'm not sure if I want to dye up this color again.  It was a strange dye job, too.  The fabrics absorbed all of the purple dyes first, then they absorbed all the yellows to make a brown.  It was a little fascinating and a little worrisome to watch!

The Charcoal Grey had a bit of mottling, too.  Then I discovered a flaw in the lace.  There are some small holes half way between the scalloped borders that I didn't see until the lace was dyed.  I checked the other pieces and they're fine.  That's a little bit of a bummer because this lace is wider than my usual lace - almost 5" wide (see lace comparison photo below) and is part of a few kits with wider elastics. 

 The wider elastic kits (5/8" bottom finishing elastic and 3/4" straps, rings and sliders) available now are:  Charcoal Grey, Sangria and Twilight Blue.  Chocolate Brown and Royal Blue have the regular sized elastics (1/2" bottom finishing elastic and 1/2" straps, rings and sliders).  They are already in the Etsy shop with the Charcoal Grey and Choc. Brown being sold at a discount.

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