Monday, December 28, 2009

In Shop and Here, Too!

I've just listed the Antique Pink and Amethyst bra kits on Etsy. The Caramel Latte and Victorian Mauve sold before I could get them listed, so I will dye up those colors again in the next few days and get them on Etsy.

***Mochachino kit is sold!***

Meanwhile, I'm not 100% happy with the current kit of the Mochachino color, so I am going to offer that kit here at the reduced price of $10.00 for the kit, plus $5.00 shipping. The tricot came out a bit mottled - it is pretty much tone-on-tone, but is there if you look. The mottling appears as some darker streaks in the brown.

Please email me: if you are interested in the reduced priced Mochachino kit!

***Mochachino kit is sold!***

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More New Colors!

Some of these colors are very interesting - some of them turned out much differently than I thought!

First, there is what I'm going to call Victorian Mauve. The dye color is labeled Reddish Brown, but it looks more mauve in real life than this early photo:

The color actually coordinates really well with many of the pieces from the Antique Pink (Lobster Bisque) set:

I'm going to call this one Amethyst. This one is interesting in that not all the pieces dyed the exact same color even though they were all in the dye pot at the same time. I'll have to think about what to do with this set - I might combine it with some black findings and power net for a combination/mix and match kit.

The next two colors seem to coordinate well, too. The first one below is Mochachino, and is darker than this picture.

The photo below shows the color a little better, and shows this color compared to a lighter shade, that I'm going to call Caramel Latte.

Caramel Latte really is a nice caramel brown, more golden than the photo and does coordinate well with the Mochachino color.

Seems like there were a lot of browns and muted tones in this new lot of colors. I'm now craving some bright blues and greens - maybe for spring!

These new kits will be available in the next few weeks. I might even do some combination kits or kits with bonus pieces to mix and match.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few New Colors

I've ordered some new dyes and here are a couple of the new colors for kits. I should be able to show a few more new colors in a few days. Depending on a few things, I plan to have new kits in stock ready for the new year.

The first new color was labeled Lobster Bisque. This doesn't look like lobster bisque to me at all, so I think I'll call this set Antique Pink. I was hoping for a pinky-peachy skin toned sort of color and I've ended up with an antique mauvey-pink. This is one of those kits where not everything dyed exactly the same shade, so this one has a two toned effect. I am going to try this color again and see how it looks in a paler shade.

This second new color I'm going to call Cranberry Red. It actually has a slight orange undertone, but is very pretty and very dark. I like this shade, so I'll probably dye at least one more set in this color.

Let me know what you think of these colors! I've still got a couple of deeper skin tone colors and a purple to try.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back In Stock!

I got more Elan 645's this week, so the White Kits with Elan 645 are back in the Etsy shop. I've also created a listing so that you can just purchase the pattern without any additional supplies, and set the shipping for $2.50 for first class mail to the US.

I've got one more new dye to try out tomorrow, and I'll show you a few new colors over the next week.