Friday, September 23, 2011

New Colors!

I have a few new colors for fall;  three are shown below all ready to go and the other two will be done in the next few weeks.  There is Jade Green (a little darker than photo), Maple Sugar, and Teal.  All of these colors can be made darker or lighter, so those varieties might show up in the shop over the next few months. 

There will be a change in the size of elastics in the kits, due to supply issues higher up in the chain.  An elastic manufacturer is now out of business, making it harder for my suppliers to get the raw materials.  For the moment, the wider elastic kits will have 5/8" straps/rings/sliders instead of the 3/4".  The teal kit shown is the last kit with 3/4" elastic;  I might have some in black for a black kit, but I haven't checked yet.  The regular elastic kits will continue to have 1/2" straps/rings/sliders until those supplies run out.  At that time, I will be switching over to 3/8" for those kits.