Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Four More New Kits!

I was able to get a few kits dyed up over the last few days and into the Etsy store.  There is Honey Gold and Light Desert Rose Pink:

Also available is Summer Sky Blue and Succulent Green/Silvery Blue:

A few words about the Succulent Green.  I haven't had much luck with this dye - it doesn't dye up the way I think it will.  This is the second time I've used it and I've had the same results both times - some of the fabrics take the blue component of the dye really well, but not the yellow so some parts are a blue tinge, while others are green.  It's not ugly, it's a rather lovely combination, and sometimes you get those unexpected things happen when dyeing!

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  1. Hi Summerset: I'm curious to know about whether you make any kits with duoplex fabric (stretch free stuff I've got - though not in a wide variety of colours - from Bra-Makers Supply)? I love your pretty colours and lace but I need fabric with firm support... Thanks for letting me know. Kristin kristinm100@yahoo.ca