Thursday, January 7, 2010

My *Favorite* New Kit!

There are a few new kits in the Etsy shop: Caramel Latte, Victorian Mauve, and my absolute favorite, Flame Red! Go check it out - this red is really, really beautiful and I almost kept it for myself, but I can always dye up another one.

*Skim Mochachino Kit is Sold**

Meanwhile, the dye I have for the Mochachinos for some reason gives a slightly mottled result. I tried dyeing up a kit that I'm calling Skim Mochachino, and it turned out a bit mottled, too. Here's the color, a shade lighter than Caramel Latte:

I'm not happy with this color at all, so I will not be dyeing up any more of. I've got other colors that dye up nicely and are prettier. So, once again, my loss is your gain! I am offering this kit for $10.00, plus $5.00 for Priority Shipping and I'll even throw in an extra 3/8 yard of nude colored, commerically dyed powernet! If you would like this kit, just email me: summersetbanks "at"

*Skim Mochachino Kit is Sold**

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