Monday, July 6, 2009

Update 7/06/09

Just a quick post to update you as to what is going on with the kits! I did get to go to NYC, but I was not able to visit all the stores that I wanted to. There was just too much too see in too little time. Because I did not get the all the supplies I wanted to in NYC, I ordered up more kit components and they should be here today. That means I can start dyeing kits tonight.

I am still on the hunt for panty elastic that is dyeable and at a good price. I have samples of two types, and I know one will not take the dye because it is mainly polyester. I am going to throw a length of the other elastic in the next dye batch and see what happens. Once I get the panty elastic, I'll start making bra/panty combo kits. These kits will contain all the supplies that the large kit contains, with a change to a larger cut of both fabrics - 3/4 yard each - and the addition of 3 yards of panty elastic. If I can not find a panty elastic that I like, then I could always put 3 yards of plush finish elastic in the kits for the panties as that is one way to finish the edges.

I am going to make some calls concerning patterns today, so I'll see how that goes. If it works out, I will make the pattern/2 bra kit available in August. I have two weeks of vacation at the end of July, so that project will need to be pushed out a little further.

Lastly, I did have enough supplies to dye up one Sea Breeze Large kit. It has the same lace as the Pistachio kits, and because it is thinner than I'd like for lace I've included extra power mesh in case you'd like to underline. That kit will be on Etsy by lunchtime today.

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