Saturday, July 11, 2009

Edit: 7/14/09 - Pink Grapefruit Kit is Sold! Removing that content.

First Bra/Panty Combo Kits

There's Only a Few At This Point!

I have found a few sources for panty elastic and am waiting for a shipment. There are many styles of panty elastic, so the kits may contain different types. The three main types that will be in the kits would be the regular picot edge panty elastic, designed specifically for that application, foldover elastic which dyes really well, and 3/8" plush back loop edge elastic, which finishes the edges the same as the edges on a bra.

Meanwhile, there are some new large bra kits and bra/panty combo kits in the store. I did buy a small amount of yardage in NYC, and was able to make a couple bra/panty combo kits in Lilac and Pale Apple. They are up in the store now!

I've got one kit that I am going to offer here for sale at a discount price because of some mottling during the dye process. While it is not completely terrible, I prefer to get as close to a solid shade as possible when dyeing - things are always 100% perfect, but close. This kit is a bra/panty kit, with 3/4 yard of both fabrics, all in one piece. The mottling is not as bad on these pieces, but it still there. Note a few things about this kit: 1. the back hook only has two hooks, not three, 2. the panty elastic is white 3/8" loop edge plush back, not colored, it just isn't shown in the photo. This is kit is $20.00 (regular price is $30.00) , plus $5.00 shipping, again, first come, first served. I am willing to overdye this kit to make a color called Tropical Punch if you'd like, just let me know. The color will be similar to Pink Grapefruit, but darker.

Please email me at summersetbanks "at" gmail "dot" com if you'd like the kit and I'll email you an invoice through Paypal.

The really good news is that I know what the problem is and can now make the bra and panty kits up to my standards. There will be more kits in the future!

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