Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Unusual Kit and a Few Normal Ones

There are a few more kits in the Etsy shop - what you'd expect for late spring and early summer - Carnation Pink, Pale Powder Blue, Spring Green and then one unusual one. 

I do try to rotate through the colors that I dye seasonally and try to use them all within reason.  Some of the colors that don't dye so well are at the back of shelf, so when I pulled out Chocolate Brown from the back of shelf I should have remembered that this dye was a bit unusual.  Yep, this is what I got:

I was hoping for a soft fawn-colored brown and instead, had to over dye with the same color it really deep and ended up with one of the most unusually colored kits I have ever dyed!  You can never predict exactly how the components will absorb the dye and this one is no exception.  Some pieces have a deep denim blue/grey color to them, others have almost a purple sheen and still others have some antique bronze, almost a chocolate brown color.  I couldn't duplicate this if I tried!  At any rate, I'm going to discount this one just for fun - it might make a good "try it out" sort of kit if you're new to bra making.

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